Determination & Perseverance

tough times

Similarly to Exercising, pushing yourself through the hard times in life will only make you Stronger. Determination and Perseverance are two essential ingredients to Overcome the difficult times and also grow in an extremely Positive Direction. It is common for some people to struggle with having the Motivation to Exercise. They always say afterwards how glad they are that they pushed through their struggles. They also say they feel much better and relieved afterwards. Tough times are not easy, but each time you battle something hard, you will learn how to approach the situation differently for next time. Also, learning from previous experiences will decrease the duration of difficult times. If you are battling something currently, don’t be afraid to ask family and/or friends for help. It is always helpful to have someone to talk to about what you are going through and to feel their love and support. Don’t quit before the miracle happens. “This too shall past.” I hope you have a great, strong day!



3 responses to “Determination & Perseverance

  1. Thanks. O will today

  2. Steve Schulefand

    Thanks. I will!

  3. Marcia Borenstein



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