Reach Your Goals in 2013

It is a very exciting time of the year. Now that it is 2013, it is time to plan ahead for the upcoming year. One thing that I have found very useful is to sit down with a calendar and plan out some of your goals.  It is very helpful not only to plan goals, but to put a time frame on when you will reach them. It is very easy to set goals, but by choosing when you will accomplish them will not only motivate you, but also will help you hold yourself accountable. I recently used this strategy while planning out my cycling race season for 2013. It was a very exciting process for me, but it also mapped everything out in front of me to know when each race is. Doing something like this really helps put things in perspective and helps you stay focused throughout your journey. I have worked with many clients and consistency is usually the issue with getting off an exercise routine. I have found that when me and the client sit down and create SMART goals, that this helps keep them motivated and to stay on track. By doing this useful tool, it helps people work harder because they know that each workout is planned accordingly in order to set them up for the best possible outcome. I challenge you in the next week to sit down and think about what you want to accomplish this year. It may seem very hard and overwhelming at first, but break down the goal into smaller realistic goals.  If anyone needs help setting up goals, I have a Masters in Exercise and Sport Sciences with a concentration in Sport Psychlogy. A huge element of Sport Psychology is Motivation and Goal-Setting. Set yourself up for success by planning your goals. Put your goals down on paper so whenever you are struggling on certain days, you can look at your goal sheet to keep you motivated and determined to stay the course. Have great, successful day!


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