Practice Patience

Patience Personal Trainer Cheshire CT

I thought this picture was very appropriate during the holiday season. I hope everyone did their shopping ahead of time because the roads and stores are absolutely packed. Practicing Patience will help you stay calm and more peaceful during a time that use to be stressful. Try to remember that this is a great time of the year to be with loved ones. Buying gifts should be fun because you know it will bring Happiness to people that you care about. I was in line today in a store and instead of stressing out and complaining that I was waiting around for 25 minutes, I decided to start talking to people around me. It was such a rewarding feeling to meet new people and to talk to them about their plans for the holidays. Instead of leaving the store angry and stressed, I left feeling much better and grateful that I took this opportunity to meet new people. Enjoy the time you have with people, instead of dreading certain situations. I hope you have a very nice, stress free day!

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  1. Your “isms” resonate with me. I like getting these.

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