Music Motivates!

Have you ever wondered why listening to music while working out makes time feel like its going by quicker? By listening to music instead of silence, it will divert the mind from feeling fatigue and pain. This technique is called dissociation and it lowers the perception of effort. Instead of running on the treadmill for 45 minutes in silence, music will make the workout more enjoyable and easier on the mind. Be careful if you are listening to music while doing cardio outside. I usually only have one headphone in my ear so I can hear cars coming and be aware of my surroundings. Making a workout playlist that will keep you motivated is very important. Obviously a workout playlist is very person specific. For example, when I am doing my cardio workouts, I like a more upbeat type of music to get into a good rhythm with my running stride or cycling cadence. For weight training, I like a hard rock type of music to make the workouts more intense. Everyone is completely different. What is on your workout playlist that really motivates you? I am very interested to hear what songs work for you. Please feel free to share below!

4 responses to “Music Motivates!

  1. bodychangetrainers

    Love Guns N Roses for a kettlebell workout!

  2. This is always so interesting to me. I know how much I need music if I am going to do a gym workout. I listen to Rock mostly — – its funny though because if I do a 10k or even the 1/2 marathon I did I was listening to Enya. So I guess short runs I like Rock- – if I am running farther Enya zones me. 🙂

  3. smile breathe and go slowly

    eminem, breaking benjamin, disturbed…i like the heavier stuff when I work out. Sometimes while running though, I listen to talking ( Eckhart Tolle for example)..or simply allows me to really notice my running ( stride, cadence, etc)

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