The Proper Technique to Warm-up Safely and Efficiently

Warming-up before sports or exercise in previous years was jogging for a few minutes and then static stretching (a fancy name for what people consider stretching and holding the muscle for 15 seconds in place). Recent studies have shown that the traditional warm-up is actually detrimental to performance. Dynamic stretching is moving sections of the body to reduce muscle stiffness, i.e., jumping jacks. This type of stretching has also been shown to help prevent injuries. Dynamic stretching is not as effective for improving flexibility. A static stretching routine should still be performed after the activity to help increase flexibility. The purpose of the routine below is to warm-up the body correctly in order to reach optimal performance. Jog for 5 minutes before performing this routine.

Dynamic Flexibility Routine:

1. 15 Jumping Jacks

2. 10 Push ups

3. 10 Squats

4. 10 Trunk twisters

5. 2 complete rotations of the neck both directions (neck clock)

6. 10 bicycle kicks (lying on your back bringing one knee at a time towards the chest)

7. 10 Heel Walks and 10 toe walks

8. 10 Frontal leg swings

9. 10 Lunges with a twist with each leg

10. 10 skips with each leg

11. 10 high knees

12. 10 butt-kicks

13. 10 Jumping Jacks

14. Excel at your activity!

2 responses to “The Proper Technique to Warm-up Safely and Efficiently

  1. Great post on warmup stretches! I learned the importance of dynamic stressing while in college – not during my time in organized athletics, unfortunately!

  2. I wish organized sports knew the importance of properly warming up. There would be less injuries and more successful seasons with a full roster!

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